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Are you an entrepreneur bootstrapping your business, just getting started, or looking for new avenues and verticals to expand your impact and growth? I'm here to help.


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Women of color (WoC) face unique challenges on their path to building successful businesses—I'm working to change this reality.

If you struggle with confidence or are doubting your chances to get where you want to be, we built a platform just for you.


I believe entrepreneurship is the fastest route to gender equality

Women Founders are the Future
In a world wrought with more challenges than ever, I believe women entrepreneurs will play a crucial role in transforming the economy and society at large.

Each day, women are changing the balance of power when it comes to entrepreneurship—and together we're shaping the world of tomorrow.
Supporting Diverse Women Entrepreneurs
My personal struggles as an immigrant and WoC entrepreneur inspired me to build a global community that supports all women of color.
Business Strategies with a Fashion Flair
As a serial entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to lend my hard-earned skills to other women business owners to help them find solutions to their biggest challenges.
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Who are we?

You are the CEO of your life. By becoming part of our Haute Mindset Community, you'll gain actionable knowledge and fresh ideas.
You'll also have the opportunity to connect with peers and experts who understand your unique challenges and can offer tried-and-true solutions.
Women Founders
If you are a woman founder looking for additional know-how and opportunities to enhance your skills and expand your business, our Haute Mindset Community is the place to connect.
Entrepreneurial Minds
If you are an employee or in a corporate role and want to connect with like-minded individuals to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, our inclusive community will help you achieve that and support you in becoming a leader of change.
Corporate Partners
If you represent an established company invested in promoting gender equality, we can collaborate to support today’s diverse women, and WoC, leaders today.
Juliette C.
Business Owner, Bridal Shop
“Mona is the definition of girlboss. My business and life are forever changed.”
Cassandra F.
Business Owner, Flower Shop
“The best of the very best. Your search for a like-minded community of female makers stops here.”
Sarah L.
“I would be so lost in the process of opening up my business without you. Thank you, Mona!”

The Truth About Starting a Business as a Woman of Color

haute mindset community

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